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Please pray for mothers

  • Pray for mothers feeling pressure to abort
  • Pray for mothers who desire to carry their child to term but lack emotional or financial support from family and friends
  • Pray that God would use their time of crisis to reveal Himself to them and draw them to Him


  • Pray for reluctant fathers, pressuring mothers to abort
  • Pray for fathers to rise up as men ready to protect and provide for their family
  • Pray for the softening of their hearts to the Gospel


  • Pray for the protection of each and every life, from tiny beginnings and onward
  • Pray for the healthy development and birth of baby
  • Pray that each child would respond in faith to Jesus, the Saviour who died for them


  • Pray for the staff, board members and volunteers to be equipped with strength and wisdom
  • Pray for protection, direction and provision for the ministry
  • Pray for increased awareness of PCC services through media, local churches, and First Response Volunteers

Please pray for women who are served at the PCC’s locations noted on this map.