Almost 20 years ago, Angie came through the door of PCC Toronto. Her decision not only changed her future, but impacted many more lives in ways she never imagined.

Angie was living a peaceful and productive life, and everything seemed to be falling into place. She was working, got engaged, and had a stable home. Everything seemed great and exactly as she had planned. Then to her surprise, she lost her job, her plans to get married vanished, and she found out that she was pregnant. She felt alone, and realized her life plans were about to change.

Half of Angie’s family told her to have an abortion, while the other half told her to parent. Her parents were also on opposite ends, with one parent who refused to speak with her if she decided to parent. However, her Christian values led her to value this life within her.

In 2006, God made a way when Angie found PCC Toronto in the Yellow Pages (how times have changed!). After sharing her fears and anxieties with our PCC Staff, her anxieties subsided and were replaced with God’s peace.

She had the courage to continue with her pregnancy and be a mom. In 2004, her beautiful daughter was born.

After giving birth, Angie began to grow and thrive. She worked on her own business, studied, and was passionate about photography and poetry. She grew closer in her relationship with God as she learned to trust Him in the hard times, and she saw His faithfulness in her life and in her daughter’s life.

[Without PCC’s supporters], I wouldn’t be here 20 years later thanking you. When I walked into PCC Toronto 20 years ago, pregnant and not sure what I should do with my future, I was reassured that same day that I was going to keep this baby.


A Call that Changed Her Life Forever

One day, years after giving birth to her daughter, Angie called her dear friend, Dawn, without knowing that this call would change her friend’s story. Alone in her room, Dawn answered the phone and decided to confide in Angie that she was pregnant and was uncertain about her decision to continue with her pregnancy.

Angie knew exactly what she was going through and encouraged her to book an appointment with PCC Toronto. “Call them. They helped me, and I am sure they can help you.”

Dawn decided to parent, the same as her friend, Angie. One day, while Dawn was talking with her friend, Cleoni, she told Dawn that she was pregnant. Cleoni already had an abortion appointment scheduled. Dawn encouraged Cleoni to talk with PCC Staff, and so she did. “The first and most important thing they did was provide me with information. If you don’t know [your options], you are bound to fail.”

After a conversation with the staff, Cleoni started considering adoption or parenting. “I decided I could possibly give my son up for adoption. Then, I finally made the decision [to keep the child] after having a conversation with my mother, where she said that she would support me.”

Today, Angie, Dawn, and Cleoni are courageous and proud moms of their beautiful children, and they want to express their thanks to our donors during the last 40 years.

The three of them remain good friends and love to share their stories about God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Your generous support is helping families over generations. How beautiful is God’s plan for these families!

[When I first walked into the PCC], I was shaking. I was scared and nervous to the point where I didn’t want to talk. And just really thinking, ‘how am I going to do this on my own?’ I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy when I made the decision to parent. I am so grateful for the support I received through the PCC, because I am now more confident in my role as a parent.


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