One of the sad realities of the impact of COVID

More Women Choosing Abortion

More women are sensing a greater pressure to abort because of current distress and isolation caused by COVID.

With your help, we can serve more women.

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Sadly, more women are choosing abortion than ever before. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If an unintended pregnancy was difficult before the pandemic, the uncertainty about the future has added another layer of concern and fear for women.

We’ve seen a big increase in the abortion rates among the pregnant women who have come to the PCC for an appointment since the pandemic started.

That’s why we are so appreciative for your support now more than ever.

With your support, we can serve more women with dignity and love, as we provide each one with accurate information, and offer a wide range of free pregnancy help.

Yes, I Want to Make a Year End Gift
Donations given before 12/31/20 will receive a charitable tax receipt. 
COVID Abortion Rates in Toronto

So what is our reaction to this more intense situation?

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Dignity & worth of everyone

We want each woman to be treated with dignity and respect. We want her to have access to a wide range of resources recognizing that each situation is unique. Your support makes this highly individualized support possible. We will continue to speak the truth in love. We will be honest that we are not an abortion clinic and don’t refer for abortions.

Loving & compassionate care

We don’t want her to be alone. We care and are committed to love and compassionate care. We have no power to change hearts and minds. We are not able to change worldviews or culture. But God is. And we rely on His strength and his wisdom in prayer for him to show his glory.

Integrity & transparency

We are committed to integrity and transparency in our interactions. Join us in prayer each woman will love the little life in her womb and have hope and faith that God will be her help. We cry out to God to help the women and families who we meet with – and to do in their lives what they are not able to do for themselves.

How You Can Make an Impact

We know these are difficult times for most families and we are grateful for the many ways you have already served the PCC this past year.

But the need continues in 2021.

Will you help us extend Christ’s love to those in these distressed times? 

Your Support.Your Impact.

Through your financial donations, women across Toronto are hearing that they and their children are precious. Women like Kanaka even come back to serve with us.

Kanaka and Giri had a very hard decision to make, a decision that would change their lives forever.

Kanaka & Giri were married in India. Giri had come to Canada and brought his wife, Kanaka in July 2019. From India to Canada they came with so much hope and expectation.

Kanaka had been in Canada for three months when she discovered that her and Giri were pregnant. With all the stress and factors that newly coming to Canada had brought and now that they were expecting a child, their immediate response was to have an abortion. They searched the internet and happened to come across the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC). They came to their first appointment in search of abortion information.

Coming through the doors of the PCC they were greeted by Lesley, a support worker. Lesley went through their pregnancy options with them, and discovered that neither Kanaka nor Giri had previous knowledge about abortion. Their decision to abort stemmed from so much fear.

Lesley encouraged and assured them that the PCC was there to support them through their pregnancy every step of the way and that it was possible, even in the face of all their fears.

Being new to Canada, and not having any work or family around, both Kanaka and Giri still felt that abortion was the route they needed to take.

Giri had been quiet during the meeting and Kanaka had been brought to tears. Lots of emotions were present. The next two days were full of pondering and thinking for Kanaka and Giri. They had a very hard decision to make, a decision that would change their lives forever.

For the next few days, Kanaka was thinking back to her appointment at the PCC when she discovered that she was nine weeks pregnant and that the life inside of her had his or her own heartbeat- a heartbeat that beat separately from hers. This knowledge had brought tears to her eyes as she and Giri discussed their lives, fears, and future together.

Time had passed and Lesley had not heard back from Kanaka and Giri and had thought that they must have gone through with the abortion. Lesley was praying and had asked our weekly prayer supporters to remember this couple in their prayers. Amazingly, Wednesday of that same week, Kanaka and Giri walked through the PCC doors with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Something was very different about Kanaka and Giri. Their demeanor was totally different from before. Their smiles brought tears of joy to Lesley as she heard

Kanaka and Giri tell her that they decided to parent and that they were excited by this decision! What an answer to prayer!

Over the next two trimesters, Kanaka and Giri were supported by the Pregnancy Care Centre. They were connected with OHIP, volunteers who searched for job positings for Kanaka, emotional support, prenatal classes, material support, and the support of a midwife. On April 30th, 2020 Kanaka and Giri got to meet and hold their beautiful daughter Hetvika.

Kanaka shared her gratitude by saying, “I am so grateful for the love and support that Giri and I received for our daughter! We both see how God has blessed us in choosing to parent.”

We praise God for this family, and their beautiful story of new life. It’s because of your support that we can continue serving families making pregnancy decisions like Kanaka and Giri. Thank you for sharing in our mission.

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