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What is Friendraising?

Friendraising with the PCC is a great and unique opportunity to share your passion for PCC with friends, co-workers, small group, etc. Through friendraising, PCC is able to expand and continue outreach so as to prevent unwanted abortions. We need to raise more friends who stand behind the importance of this work.The intent of friendraising is to:

  1. Raise funds
  2. Raise awareness
  3. Raise friends


One supporter invited her friends to a special tea time in honour of the Pregnancy Care Centre.  She invited about 25 women to her home on a Saturday afternoon.  One of the PCC’s team members was invited to share how women coming to the Pregnancy Care Centre are given compassionate support so they don’t feel alone or feel that abortion is their only option.  After the talk our supporter told her friends why she is part of the PCC.  At the end of this social event, several of her friends made a donation to the work of the Pregnancy Care Centre, and one decided she wanted to provide diapers on a regular basis.

A young professional invited some of his friends after work for a social event at a local restaurant. He invited about 20 people from his church on a Thursday evening. One of the PCC’s team members was invited to share the importance of Monthly Giving and how it is critical to extending our services to women in unexpected pregnancies. This young professional shared his passion for PCC ministry with those from his church at this event. Afterwards, several of his friends committed to become PCC Life Partners, some of which had never heard of the Pregnancy Care Centre before and one decided to serve regularly at PCC’s downtown office.

What about you?

Would you be willing to host an event to share the work of the PCC with your friends?

Setting up a friendraising event is simple! Contact us for more information at events@pregnancycarecentre.org

Thanks for participating in this way!