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We believe God has entrusted us with the work of caring for women and men in unexpected pregnancies.
But we can’t do it without your help.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, all Pregnancy Care Centre services are offered free-of-charge to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy in Toronto. We are funded solely by donations from individuals, businesses and churches.



Donate by mail or in person to:
Pregnancy Care Centre
15 Hove Street
Toronto, ON M3H 4Y8


The Pregnancy Care Centre is located in Toronto, Canada. We accept funds in Canadian or American currency.

Terms and conditions:  Your gift will be processed to meet the needs of woman and their families through the activities of the Pregnancy Care Centre. For more information about financial accountability, click here. The Pregnancy Care Centre is a registered charity and will provide tax receipt for charitable donations over $25. Refunds cannot be issued. If setting up a monthly gift, you may be charged a temporary $1.00 fee depending on your financial institution which acts as a verification process for your financial institution. This amount will later be refunded to your account as soon as your monthly gift begins.

How will your donation be used?


Why Give Monthly

There is an important group of people who are the unsung heroes of the Pregnancy Care Centre; a group of individuals who play an incredibly large role in every success we have here.

Every time a client walks in the door she sees the fruit of their labour. The lights are on, our facilities are warm or cool, depending on the weather. Staff and volunteers are there to greet her.

In addition, all of our services are running smoothly. Everything a woman needs to find hope, peace, and a future are in place.

All because of this group.

Funny thing is, few of these heroes come in our door. Yet many times, their labour makes the difference in saving lives.

Each month, members of this group either sit down to write a cheque or donate online to the Pregnancy Care Centre.

Every month these heroes are standing behind the PCC, building the foundation so that no woman is missed and every child has an opportunity for life.

This is not an exclusive club; to me this is a family of people who provide the backbone for all that we do. To join is simple. By sending in a cheque and in the “for” section, writing “Monthly Gift”, you are in.

Interested? If so, we would love to add you to this growing family of supporters in 2014. There is no minimum (and no maximum either!), but I can tell you this: Every gift is accepted and appreciated.

And when a life is saved at the PCC you will know, without doubt, that you played a God-given role in a mom’s decision for life.


We are fully accountable to our supporters

Our commitment to you is that all funds donated to the PCC are used wisely and with complete accountability to our community. Every gift is invested in the lives of the women who come for help and in the lives of their unborn children.

The PCC is governed by a Board of Directors which meets regularly to monitor our budgets, govern our operations, establish policies, and ensure our approved program targets are being met. Our financial statements are audited regularly.

Above all, we seek to honour God in how we manage donated resources, through honest and respectful communication with our supporters.

Contributions to this ministry are tax deductible. Please visit our CRA page (official name: North York Crisis Pregnancy Centre).

Charitable Status Number: 10778 6683 RR0001

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Pregnancy Care Center

What is the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC)?

Founded in 1984 as a charitable non-profit Christian organization, the Pregnancy Care Centre provides a full range of compassionate support for anyone in Toronto facing an unexpected pregnancy.

What does the PCC do?

The PCC offers a full range of free and confidential services which include pregnancy tests, information about pregnancy options (abortion, adoption and parenting), personalized support for women preparing to parent or place a child for adoption, referrals to support agencies, connections to churches which offer long-term support communities for families, and help for those who suffer after an abortion.

About Fundraising

What are some of the ways you fundraise?

Individuals, churches and businesses contribute to the financial support of the PCC., They become aware of the work of the PCC by speaking directly with volunteers and staff and learning about the impact of unexpected pregnancies on the lives of thousands of individuals in Toronto each year. Through simple grassroots communication of friends sharing with friends, the PCC’s work has been sustained for nearly three decades.

We hold a few events annually to raise awareness of our mission and to give opportunities for additional individuals to join us in extending help and hope to those in unexpected pregnancies. On the Saturday closest to Mother’s Day we hold a sponsorship walk we call the “First Response Relay”. In November we host an annual fundraising dinner.

We are grateful for the many churches and volunteers who collect donations on our behalf so that we can continue to expand our services throughout Toronto, while keeping our fundraising costs low. We do not receive any government support and as a nonprofit charitable organization we rely on the generosity of our donors to fund our work and to offer help to those in need. The value of each gift, small or large is significant. We are grateful for the many people God has brought together to jointly express Christian love and compassion to families during their time of personal crisis.

How can an individual fundraise for the PCC?

We are glad to equip PCC volunteers with materials and help to support the PCC. Our supporters are creative. Some have donated the proceeds of bake sales, garage sales, or a percentage of their sales of goods and services. Many have invited their friends to sponsor them in the First Response Relay, or have sponsored a table at our Fall Fundraising Dinner. A baby bottle campaign is popular in a number of churches. We have prepared materials needed to run a campaign with in your church.

Who can I contact to obtain additional information about our approach to fundraising?

If you haven’t been able to find the answer to your concerns on our website, you call us at 416-229-2607 or contact us by email at info@pregnancycarecentre.org.

About Tax Receipts

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Income tax receipts are issued for all donations of $20 and over.

How can I donate online?

When you make your donation online (link) you will be connected to our Canada Help’s page. Canada Helps is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for charitable organizations like ours to offer a secure online option for our donors. An electronic tax receipt will be delivered to you via e-mail from Canada Helps. The electronic receipt is in an unalterable format, and is your official receipt for income tax purposes. Simply print out the receipt and include a copy with your income tax return. Canada Helps will inform the PCC of your donation, and if you have given us permission, we will add your name to the group who receive an electronic newsletter from us quarterly.

When will I receive my receipt in the mail?

The PCC typically sends out tax receipts once a year on the first or second week of February. Sending a consolidated annual tax receipt adds efficiency in record keeping and helps us to save on administrative costs.

About Accountability

What are the PCC standards of Christian stewardship?

The PCC Board of Directors meets regularly to set policy, establish strategic goals and monitor programs against the approved operational plan. The PCC ensures that every gift entrusted to us is used for the purposes for which it was donated in order to extend help and hope to more women who feel alone.

Our standards of accountability can be further explored in the following documents:

PCC’s Doctrinal Statement
PCC’s Financial Statements
PCC’s Stewardship Policy
Are the PCC’s operations reviewed?

The PCC Board regularly reviews the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s activities. The following consultants and associations provide helpful resources and support:

The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS)
Heartbeat International
Canadian Council of Christian Charities
World Vision.
About Privacy

How does the PCC deal with confidentiality?

The PCC respects the confidentiality of individuals who seek our services as well as that of our supporters and volunteers. All identifying information about individuals is kept confidential. The PCC does not sell or share contact information. Contact information is provided to third parties like support agencies or volunteer support workers only with an individual’s consent.

Thank you, as always, for your support!