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Un Mensaje de Agradecimiento de Maria, Una Madre del PCC* A Message of Thanks from PCC Mom Maria*

Cuando yo supe que estaba embarazada de mi segundo bebé, mis sentimientos fueron de negación y rechazo porque no deseaba un embarazo en ese momento. Me encontraba recién llegada a Canadá y no me sentía preparada porque ese embarazo iba a cambiar completamente mis planes. Decidí hablar con mi esposo y yo le deje saber […]

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Sonia’s Story: Giving to Change Lives

Sonia remembers how frightened and alone she felt during her second pregnancy.  Her first child was born when she was 17. She was living alone and trying to complete high school when the devastating news of the second pregnancy came.  Her parents reacted badly. They were unwilling to help at all and wanted her to […]

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Sally’s Story: Looking for Love

Sally’s journey of seeking after love—the affection, the approval, the affirmation of her soul—has had its share of dead ends, ones that could have left her jaded at the idea of the four-letter word. But, as it turns out, she was simply taking the long way around to discover a love with a capital “L.” […]

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Zoe’s Story: The Value of a Good Friend

When Zoe found out that she was pregnant, she felt deeply alone. Without her family’s support, she didn’t know where to turn for help. Given her circumstances, her doctor suggested that she have an abortion.   Desperate, she confided in a good friend, who also happened to be one of our First Response Volunteers. Our […]

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