2008 – Present: Continued Expansion

PCC Staff

The PCC has continued to expand services since 2008 through the First Response Network. Through the use of evening office space provided by a number of churches including Grace Toronto, Westminster Chapel, Stone Church and Christian Centre Church PCC support was extended to serve families downtown, and north to reach serve those near Jane and Steeles. In 2014, a new office space was made available to provide services to the Hispanic community in the West End. In 2018 the PCC’s downtown locations were consolidated and the PCC opened it’s first permanent office at the University of Toronto in the Toronto School of Theology. In 2020 client services further extended to Richmond Hill through partnership with Bethel Canadian Reformed Church.

The PCC today is served by 9 full-time and part-time staff and about 250 active volunteers. Over 1000 new clients are served each year. May we remain faithful to this ministry, on which God has so obviously bestowed his blessing.