Amaya’s Story of Hope

[I was] scared more for my child, more than myself… if I bring this child into the world, what do I have to offer them? There was nothing to offer…I was definitely confused. Confused about what I was going to do and my decision.

Amaya was still in high school and considered herself a “rebellious teenager”, getting into trouble and not listening to her mom. This led her to move out from living with her mom to living with a friend. She didn’t have a job and her home life was not stable. She had no plans of becoming pregnant. One day she took a pregnancy test, and the result was positive.

Amaya was shocked and confused. She was leaning towards getting an abortion because she was a teenager with an unstable life and no contact with the father of her baby. For her, there were many circumstances to lead her to think that abortion was her only option.

Amaya went online and was searching for an abortion clinic, but instead she came across PCC Toronto. When she found out that PCC Toronto was not a medical clinic, she was still interested in an appointment for a free pregnancy test.

She made an appointment with Paulette, one of our PCC support workers. Amaya’s pregnancy test result was positive. Paulette walked her through her pregnancy options and helped her talk through her decision. After considering her options, Amaya decided to parent.

If I didn’t come across the PCC, I do believe my decision would have been different; the PCC was a big part of why I was able to start stabilizing my situation with the resources they offered and [found] for me. That was definitely a big reason why I went through with [my pregnancy]. Also [the PCC] were lovely people. Their words were very encouraging.”

Amaya was so thankful for regular contact support from PCC Toronto which enabled her to get a job, receive free baby items, and participate in weekly prenatal classes. However, she had doubts that she would receive support from her family.

Eventually, Amaya mustered up the courage to tell her mom that she was pregnant, and she had a wonderful surprise. Her mom was completely supportive with her decision to continue with her pregnancy!

Amaya was born when her mom was a teen. At that time there were no pregnancy resource centres available. Amaya comments on how she values pregnancy centres:

Having a pregnancy care centre in your community is definitely worth it. It’s definitely one of the best things out there for young moms, especially because some teens feel like they can’t turn to their parents… they [think] they have no option other than to [choose abortion.]

Amaya was empowered to embrace life with courage, knowing that she wasn’t alone. She devoted herself to her job, finished high school, and is now a stay-at-home mom raising her son. Amaya shares her story to encourage other women, especially teenagers, to embrace life with courage.