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Showing Christ Love to a friend in an unexpected pregnancy

  1. Call them randomly to give encouragement
  2. Visit them randomly to bless them
  3. Offer to assist with moving, or finding housing
  4. Visit them at the hospital after birth
  5. Bring flowers or a gift for parent(s) / welcome baby card
  6. Provide a week’s worth of dinner meals for the family / get volunteers to make 1 meal for 1 day
  7. Offer to babysit and give the parent(s) a break
  8. The beauty of hospitality
  9. Be caring and compassionate
  10. Reassure them that they are not alone
  11. If you have had a similar experience, share that with them
  12. Take time to listen to their story
  13. Connect them to a CAPSS Pregnancy Care Center (https://capss.com/)
  14. Offer hospitality / invite them into your home for a meal
  15. Encourage them to depend on God
  16. Share Scripture with them / Open up the Word of God with them
  17. Pray with them / Pray for them
  18. Throw a baby shower for them




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