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“It Was the Lowest Point of My Life” Vulnerable, confused and desperate, Mary did not know what to do next with her life.

“When I came over, life took another direction.”

Educated in Ethics and Human Rights Law, Mary sought to upgrade her education and build a new life in Canada.

“I came to Canada from Uganda, as an international student. The friend who helped me come over was not willing to take me in, and there I was helpless. Life led me to the YWCA shelter. In the process of staying at the shelter, I met a friend from my country, Uganda, who connected me to their friend.”

One night Mary found herself unconscious, raped and alone by the man she thought was her only help.

“I had nothing to do for myself, I was confused, I was denied, I was helpless, I was vulnerable, I was desperate… I didn’t know what to do next with my life.”

Vulnerable, scared and alone, Mary sought out support from the few family and friends she had in Canada, who all encouraged her to have an abortion.

“The lowest point of my life is when I thought the few friends I had, the family I had, could stand by me in such a tough time of my life when I am having an unexpected pregnancy, but unfortunately these people weren’t willing to give me any single bit of help.
At the end of the day I had to figure out where to go next. I ended up becoming homeless with my pregnancy; I ended up having no help, no one to lean on, all by myself.”

In the midst of searching for help, Mary found the Pregnancy Care Centre.

“I went to my google, and I searched for “help for pregnant women” and there were lots of options that came in. I called the Pregnancy Care Centre, I came over to the downtown office at Spadina, they gave me all the help I needed, all the problems I had in my life…I felt okay, I have a shoulder to lean on, I have a friend to talk too. They gave me all the kinds of support I needed in terms of emotional help, because I was emotionally broken down, was physically vulnerable, I was unstable. They stood with me in prayer, for all the different things that weren’t going right with my life. They connected me to a church because I felt like I needed some sort of spiritual belonging.”

“I felt like I needed a Christian community to get in touch with, I joined the New City Baptist Church and the people there together with the Pregnancy Care Centre turned my life around completely, and since then my life has never turned back.”

Mary was given the HOPE she so desperately needed.

In October, Mary gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

“Eventually I had to think of a name, I named him Merrick which means power, because in him I always see the power of God in my life. I thank God that in that desperate, helpless situation, where my baby’s life was at stake, God was able to help me through.”
“And I got my bouncing baby boy Merrick, thank you so much.”

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