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“I Didn’t Think I Could Be A Parent” Pregnancy and Mental Illness

Living with Bipolar was an everyday battle for Cleoni.

“When I found out I was pregnant I cried a lot and I was scared because I have bipolar. I didn’t think I had the ability to be a parent.”

Cleoni was introduced to the PCC through Dawn, a friend who received support herself from the PCC.

“I was planning on doing an abortion, I made an appointment; but a friend of mine– a new friend of mine, told me not to do the abortion until we had the appointment.”

Dawn brought Cleoni to a prayer meeting where they encouraged her that the life inside of her was precious.

“They gave me a scripture that said for ‘For I knew you from your mother’s womb’ and when they said that, that hit home, because now I knew that the baby was no longer just a fetus, but a living soul…So I cancelled my appointments at the abortion clinic. I had two appointments and I cancelled both appointments and decided that I wanted to get more information on adoption and parenting.”

With the support of the Pregnancy Care Centre, Cleoni made the decision to parent.

“I came to PCC and spoke to Paulette, and told her that I have decided to parent; she was very excited. Then she told me about the different supports that were available. I received so much support from the PCC…I got a crib, a stroller, a playpen, a bouncer and almost 3 bags of clothing!”

“I can’t imagine life without Emmanuel. He definitely changed my life, and I got a chance to see what it is to have God with me; because that’s his name– Emmanuel God with us.”

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