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Let’s Talk About Life & Sex Part 1

This resource is designed to help you dialogue with your teen about issues related to human life and sexuality from a Biblical perspective. Parental involvement, communication and most of all love will have a positive impact on your teen’s decisions regarding relationships and sex.

You are a critical component in your child developing strong, God-honouring convictions. We recommend that over a period of a few weeks you and your teen look at and discuss the following texts together.

Sanctity of Human Life

Today we hear much about the “quality of human life” ethic, which is the societal suggestion that certain factors like physical and mental capabilities give a person value. For example, a child who has limited mental capabilities can be viewed as having less value in society. The Bible, however, presents another view that we call the “sanctity of human life” ethic.

Read Genesis 1:26-27

• What does God have to say about creation?
• What is God’s relationship to humanity?
• How are people related to the rest of creation?
• What is the basis of a person’s value?
• Based on these passages, what are the implications for the quality of life ethic?

Check back for next week’s discussion on life after the fall.

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