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Sonia’s Story: Giving to Change Lives

Sonia remembers how frightened and alone she felt during her second pregnancy. 

Her first child was born when she was 17. She was living alone and trying to complete high school when the devastating news of the second pregnancy came.  Her parents reacted badly. They were unwilling to help at all and wanted her to abort. In that dark time, she thought maybe abortion really was the answer.

It was then that Sonia was introduced to the Pregnancy Care Centre. With their love and support, in spite of the pressure from her family, Sonia found courage to have her second child. Her friends at the PCC offered her more than just material and emotional help.  They believed that God had a plan for her and for her child. Slowly, she began believing it too. 

“The Pregnancy Care Centre has helped me out with saving my child. God used the Centre…as a tool to know Him.”  Sonia came to trust Jesus Christ through this experience, a decision that would change her life forever, as well as the lives of her family members. 

One day, years after receiving help from the Pregnancy Care Centre, Sonia returned to visit. She is now married to the biological father of her children. He shares her faith in Jesus and they regularly attend a local church together with their kids. Both of them have steady jobs that provide for the needs of their family. 

The change in Sonia’s life is truly remarkable, but it was not accomplished by the Pregnancy Care Centre. Instead, as Sonia says, it was God himself using the PCC to help her and love her. 

Sonia now has a chance to offer the same to other women facing unexpected pregnancies. She came back to give a donation so that many more like her would receive care and support.

Will you help us serve women like Sonia? Please donate today.

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