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Sally’s Story: Looking for Love

Sally’s journey of seeking after love—the affection, the approval, the affirmation of her soul—has had its share of dead ends, ones that could have left her jaded at the idea of the four-letter word. But, as it turns out, she was simply taking the long way around to discover a love with a capital “L.”

Sally never felt like she received affirmation and acceptance from her parents, so she sought fulfillment from her relationships with guys. “Sex, for me, was temporal fulfillment,” Sally says. “These guys would just take advantage of me. They just used me.”

Then at 17, Sally had her first child, a baby girl. As if the challenges of being a teen mom weren’t hard enough, she quickly found out that she would have to do this alone. Her parents had wanted her to get an abortion, believing she was ruining her life, but Sally decided against it. They maintained a relationship, but it was always distant. 

So the young mom was living alone, trying to finish high school, volunteer, and raise her child solo when she found out, at 19, that she was pregnant again. Sally was confused, scared, and alone. A friend of hers suggested abortion, telling her she would fall asleep and not even know it was happening. Sally made the appointment at the clinic, but she knew, deep down, that it was not what she wanted, not really. 

Torn over the decision, Sally considered keeping the baby, which would make her a single mother of two. “God gave me the ability to be very resourceful,” she says. “I started researching and came across the Pregnancy Care Centre.”  She began receiving support from the team of support workers. It was through the people she met at the PCC that she learned God had a plan for her child. 

“It opened my eyes on a spiritual level and that strengthened me,” Sally says about her deepening sense of responsibility for her unborn son. In the end, she just couldn’t go through with the abortion. “That’s where the Pregnancy Care Centre has helped me out with saving my child. God used the Centre…as a tool to know Him.”

Not only did the Pregnancy Care Centre provide Sally with practical, spiritual, and emotional support so that she could become the mother of a beautiful baby boy, but they also showed her how to have a personal relationship with God—something that would ultimately change her life and the lives of her family members. 

Now married, Sally and her husband hold steady, full-time jobs and are able to support their family of four. Constantly reminded of how far she has come, Sally has faith that the unconditional love of God – which she is reminded of daily through prayer and scripture – will be the transforming aspect in her children, the next generation. “Girls need a lot of affirmation from their father. Because I didn’t get that, I was looking for love,” she says. “If you’re looking for love, you’ll only find that in Him.”

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